TCB at the Rencontres de Coproduction Francophone

The Producer Simon Trottier of TCB Film will attend the Rencontres de Coproduction Francophone (RCF) in Paris with the feature film project MYTHOSE during the event Quebec Cinema in Paris in November 2014, and will also be part of the SODEC_LAB_COPRO Mission – Paris & Brussels.

White skin gets support from SODEC

SODEC has confirmed their financial support for the development of the very promising thriller-Horror movie White Skin, an adaptation of the success La peau blanche.

An english version for La peau blanche

TCB Film has bought the rights for the english adaptation of the horror hit La peau blanche by Daniel Roby. Written and directed by Alberic Aurtenèche with the help of Eric Leca (Polythechnique) on the script. Daniel Roby will be acting as executive producer and script consultant. Shooting of WHITE SKIN is scheduled for 2015.

Two good news for TCB Film

SODEC has just confirmed their support in the last development phase of feature films CHRISTMAS CAROL; written by Michael Leo Donovan and to be directed by Ghyslaine Côté, and MYTHOSE; written and directed by Alberic Aurtenèche. A big thanks to SODEC for its constant support. Casting and financing will start at the end of summer 2014.

Harold Greenberg Fund invest in Mythose

The Harold Greenberg Fund confirmed his investment in the writing phase of the feature film Mythose, written and directed by Alberic Aurtenèche.

SODEC supports a new TCB project

TCB Film confirms the financial support from SODEC for the development phase of the feature film Christmas Carol written by Michael Donovan.

Good news for "Mythose"

SODEC has once again confirmed their participation in the development phase of the project MYTHOSE, a thriller written and directed by Alberic Aurtenèche.

TCB Film jumps into comedy

TCB Film jumps into comedy with the renown writer Robert Geoffrion in Alice In Psycholand. Alice is a brilliant comedy with dramatic undertones. Shooting in 2012.

"Seconde naissance" gets SODEC's financial support

SODEC just confirmed their financial support in the development of TCB's feature film Seconde Naissance, written by Albéric Aurtenèche. TCB Film would like to thank SODEC for their visions and trust in Seconde Naissance.

TCB Film goes Fantasy!

TCB Film just started a new collaboration with writer Eric Leca (Polytechnique) on the development of a feature film called There will be Monsters. It is a fantasy story for all the family, complete with typical legendary monsters.

New thriller project for TCB Film

TCB Film is proud to annouce his collaboration with the York University writer/ assistant Professor Temenuga Trifonova on the writing of the feature film Against Nature, a psychological thriller about fragility and ambiguity of identity. The story unfolds against the backdrop of fin du siècle Paris.

A decadent aristocrat obsessed with the belief that anything natural, including one's identity, can be artificially created, assumes the identity of a stranger only to find out that someone else has assumed his own identity.

The film is influenced by masterpieces like Shutter Island (M. Scorsese) et The Passenger (M. Antonioni).

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